Transport logistics can be compared with an art: it also requires special skills and creativity. The work of Aldetrans is based on the same principles: knowledge, professionalism, creativity, and ability to navigate the situation. But in our work we do not just express ourselves – we strive to ensure that our activities fully satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers.

The transport and logistics company Aldetrans has more than 10 years of experience in the international market, prompt delivery of goods on a turnkey basis, solving problems of any complexity, high-quality and safe transportation, and professional advice.


What is the main task of any international logistics company? It is the organization of transportation of goods. Behind these simple words, there are complex processes that we organize and manage in order to provide our customers with optimal logistics and customs solutions.

Reducing your costs, ensuring the safety of goods, creating complex and simple logistics chains, we contribute to the development of your business. In this we are helped by reliable business relationships with operators in sea ports, with railway carriers and large car owners. We have warehouses and representative offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odessa, China and Korea, insure cargo and guarantee the safety of transportation.


Our specialists are responsible and motivated people who can find a way out of any situation and know how to solve a problem of increased complexity. This determines our effectiveness. Therefore, saying that we have the best team, we are not exaggerating.

Despite the fact that the logistics market (as well as the entire economy) is in crisis, we strive to fully meet the needs of our customers. Having shown flexibility in this difficult time for all, we began to develop a new segment. Transportation of groupage cargo allows optimizing the costs of our customers, who have reduced the volume of products supplied during the crisis. By reorienting, we successfully master a new market niche and ensure timely delivery of cargoes, while at the same time treating the transportation of complete cargoes with the same attention and interest.

Aldetrans General Director is Alexander Ischenko


Our clients are our partners with whom we build long-term relationships based on mutual respect, trust and fruitful dialogue. We appreciate each client, practice an individual approach and are responsible for every kilogram of cargo that is entrusted to us.

Today, the services of the Aldetrans logistics company are used by companies representing small, medium and large businesses interested in ensuring that their cargo is delivered in a quality manner, on time and with minimal costs. They have been successfully cooperating with suppliers from different countries for a long time and trust us in the delivery of their goods.

Aldetrans: our goal is the success and effectiveness of our customers!

The advantages of working with us

Representative offices
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All our cargoes are insured, we are 100 % responsible for the cargo.

Payment on the fact

You pay for our services only upon receipt of your shipment.

Comprehensive service

Search for a supplier, support for foreign trade activities, cargo delivery , customs clearance.


  • Type of cargo – the name of the product;
  • Weight and dimensions of the cargo: the length, width and height of the product, its weight and volume;
  • Points of departure and delivery: country and city. Under the “door-to-door” transportation scheme, it is necessary to indicate the exact address;
  • The need for packaging and its type (polypropylene bags, pallets, wooden crates, etc.);
  • Cargo value;
  • Additional services: insurance, customs clearance, etc.

Payment for the order is made at the time of its receipt. Payment methods: by wire transfer to a bank account, by cash or by credit card.

In order to calculate the volume of cargo, it is necessary to know its length, height and width. Measurements are made on the extreme outstanding points. The volume is calculated in cubic meters, taking into account the stacking factor of 1.1 according to the formula: V = L x W x H, where V is the volume, L is the length, W is the width, H is the height.

Customs clearance of imported products imported to Russia involves the collection of such documents as:

  • contract with all supplements, attachments and specifications
  • invoice, pro forma invoice, bill
  • packing list
  • export declaration
  • transaction certificate
  • certificate of country of origin
  • permits such as declaration or certificate of conformity, phytosanitary or vetosanitary certificate, etc.
  • paid customs payments to the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
  • transport contract (if necessary)
  • consignment invoice(if necessary)
  • insurance (if necessary)
  • payment documents for prepaid goods (if prepaid)
  • product description, technical data sheets, composition, purpose, scope, etc.