• Type of cargo – the name of the product;
  • Weight and dimensions of the cargo: the length, width and height of the product, its weight and volume;
  • Points of departure and delivery: country and city. Under the “door-to-door” transportation scheme, it is necessary to indicate the exact address;
  • The need for packaging and its type (polypropylene bags, pallets, wooden crates, etc.);
  • Cargo value;
  • Additional services: insurance, customs clearance, etc.

Payment for the order is made at the time of its receipt. Payment methods: by wire transfer to a bank account, by cash or by credit card.

In order to calculate the volume of cargo, it is necessary to know its length, height and width. Measurements are made on the extreme outstanding points. The volume is calculated in cubic meters, taking into account the stacking factor of 1.1 according to the formula: V = L x W x H, where V is the volume, L is the length, W is the width, H is the height.

Customs clearance of imported products imported to Russia involves the collection of such documents as:

  • contract with all supplements, attachments and specifications
  • invoice, pro forma invoice, bill
  • packing list
  • export declaration
  • transaction certificate
  • certificate of country of origin
  • permits such as declaration or certificate of conformity, phytosanitary or vetosanitary certificate, etc.
  • paid customs payments to the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
  • transport contract (if necessary)
  • consignment invoice(if necessary)
  • insurance (if necessary)
  • payment documents for prepaid goods (if prepaid)
  • product description, technical data sheets, composition, purpose, scope, etc.